Know our services packages!

In order to make things easier, we composed services packages, that are normally part of one step of your stay, but services and service packages can be customized to your individual needs.

Hello Berlin

Every detail for an easy start!

From home search to move-in.

  1. - Orientation
  2. - Home search / Temporary accomodation
  3. - Residence and work permit
  4. - Registration with the authorities
  5. - Opening of bank account
  6. - Review of the rental contract / move-in protocol
  7. - Connection of utilities
  8. - insurances
Goodbye Berlin

Leave the city without any headache!

Termination of contracts and hand back of the apartment

  1. - Termination of rental contract
  2. - Termination of utility contracts
  3. - Closing of bank account
  4. - Support with the hand back oft he apartment (negotiation, refurbishing, move-out protocol, reimbursement of security deposit)
  5. - Deregistration at the town hall
Family Berlin

We take care of your family!

From school search up to your pet.

  1. - kindergarten / school search
  2. - Kindergarten / school enrollment
  3. - Application for kindergarten voucher and all-day-school, medical certificate etc.
  4. - Application for child benefit
  5. - Information about physicians and health
  6. - Import of a pet
  7. - Registration of a dog
We help U

We know bureaucracy!

From dealing with authorities up to contract reviews

  1. We help you with:
  2. - Appointments with authorities
  3. - School assemblies and information sessions
  4. - Review of contracts
  5. - Language services (translation and interpretation)
Culture and Fun

We have the best tips!

From individual guided tours up to suggestions for entertainment.

  1. - Tips for individual city tours (cultural, historical, adventure)
  2. - City tours with professional tour guides
  3. - This is where the Berliners go!

So, make a wish!

Didn’t find what you where looking for?

  1. Contact us and we offer you a package, tailored to your particular needs.


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